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Janice Payne Ministries has a God-ordained mandate to impact the world!

Her desire is to see the Body of Christ serve, support, pray, help and respect each other! I Thessalonians 5:11, ďTherefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.Ē (AMP)

Vision: To see Godís people prosper and excel in every area of their lives!

Mission: Our goal is to reach every nation, every city, every day with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has called us to go beyond the four walls of the church and share His Gospel with those who may never come to church, those who are broken, busted and disgusted within their lives, those who donít know where to turn, those that are lost and canít find their way and those that have been misjudged and misunderstood. "I am on an assignment, itís not about me; itís about God and His people!Ē

Souls are more precious to God than diamonds are to a woman!
If the angels are leaping for joy over one soul being saved, how do you think God feels about one soul being lost?

  • We have too many people trying to get to the White House but what about the crack house?
  • We have too many preachers talking about prosperity but what about salvation, deliverance and righteousness?
  • We have too many churches looking like a museum but what about speaking against sin, legalism, traditions, and religiosity?
  • We have too many pastors pushing their natural children into ministry but what about their spiritual sons and daughters?

Isaiah 6:8, ďAlso I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send? And who will go for Us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.Ē He has given me a charge, ďI must love, restore, encourage, uplift, educate, motivate, exhort, pray and strengthen His children.Ē

I believe and teach that regardless of a personís background or past mistakes, God has a place for them on a path to their God-ordained purpose. He has commissioned me to tell His people that He is a God of a second chance!

Founded by Janice D. Payne, a sister on a mission with purpose and a vision.


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