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Janice Payne Ministries Privacy Policy
GuestBook Entries:
Name: Eugene Payne Jr.
Comments: I would like to congratulate my wife, Janice Payne on her new book entitled, "Servanthood." I am so proud of you. Continue to do His will and allow Him to use you for His glory!
Name: Teresa Henderson, Your Mother
Comments: Hey Baby Girl...Remember what we talked about in early years. God knew this day would come when I carried you in my womb. Therefore, sow good seeds to everybody and reap the benefits; stay humble and obedient to God and He will exalt you in due time if you faint not; be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart and finances; and most of all, Keep His Word in your heart where He live. May God continue to bless you and keep you in His care; not because He gave you to me for a season, but because I gave you back to Him upon your arrival.  Always remember that you are one of His chosen vessels, a special servant. MOM
Name: Bishop Wayne & Michelle Green
Comments: Janice reading your book was a tremendous blessing to us. We are so proud of you and what God is doing in your life. Your book is a must read for every leader in Free Gospel Deliverance Temple. We have always appreciated your candor, especially how you approach the subject of servanthood. Your method of defining servanthood and biblically supporting statements was very good. Your book along with a workbook (hint) would be a very viable teaching tool for potential leaders in our church. I can't wait to hear you preach this book from the pulpit! I think you and Eugene are wonderful people and great examples of servanthood. We pray that the Lord will bring into your family's life more than you've ever asked for, prayed for or desired. Janice, continue to move forward in the giftings that God had placed on the inside of you-- it's for the body of Christ! You are a daughter of Zion! May the prophetic anointing upon your life come forth in a great way this year. The Lord has given you the power to prophesy and don't be afraid to say what the Holy Spirit is putting in you to say. The Lord will always have your back. "Preach the word! Keep your sense of urgency. Standby, be at hand and ready, whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable, weather it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as a preacher of the word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong. And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unflagging and inexhaustible in patience and teaching "(II Timothy 4:2 amplified version). May God continue to bless you! We love you!
Name:  Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks
Comments: Wonderful presentation, very encouraging and up lifting, you are right on target. Before you can lead you must be willing to follow. The ministry of Christ is servant hood. God bless you in your ministry.
Name: The Payne Family: Lamont, Kia, & Isaiah
Comments: We want to extend our congratulations on your new book and books to come.  You are a wonderful person in our lives and your prayers have meant a lot to us.  Thank you for being obedient to God. Continue to do His will and the favor and blessings of God will pour in as overflow.
Name:  Eugene Payne III
Comments: Hey Ma, I told you five years ago and I will tell you now. God is going to give you favor, you will be speaking on TBN and your ministry will travel all over the world! Do you remember when I saw all of this in a dream? It shall come to pass! Love, Lil Gene
Name: Shante Daniels, Your Daughter
Comments: Mother, Congratulations on your new book, I have read the book and trust me it was truly a blessing. Although, I felt rebuked throughout the "ENTIRE" book, it taught me many lessons, that I can carry throughout my years, and when God is finish with me, I pray that I become the awesome servant you wrote about.  You have worked so hard and it is great to know that your labor was not in vain. This book and the many to come will remind me to never give up on anything, when I feel like I cant make it, I will remember how far God has brought you and know if you kept pushing through every trial and tribulation, I can too. I love you and I am so proud of you. Shante
Name: D'Yonna Daniels, Granddaughter
Comments: Grandma, Congrats on your new book. I always saw you working very hard on your computer while keeping me during the day, and I knew whatever it was that you was working on was going to be great. Continue on this great path and never lose faith, I love you. D'Yonna
Name: Aunt Gwennie
Comments: To God be all the glory!  I am so proud of you and your accomplishments thus far.  Continue to be God's vessel and allow Him to do marvelous things!  Love, Aunt Gwennie
Name: Ms. Doris l. Fleming Handy
Comments: Go forward in the lord and be blessed. Auntie and god mom
Name: Uncle James Davis
Comments: Jan, You can do all things through Christ which strengths you. Stay strong, be encouraged, and keep smiling. - Uncle James
Name: James Henderson
Comments: Jan, I am so proud of you and your success. Continue to stay in the arms of God. POPS
Name: Serena Okafor
Comments: Jan, may God continue to bless you as you walk in his way and his word.  Congratulations on your first of many releases.
Name: Godwin Okafor
Comments: I know you have talked about this as long as I can remember.  I'm glad this project has been released.  I pray this will bless  and touch someone. God works in mysterious ways.
Name: Uncle Buddy
Comments: Jan, God's blessings are upon you. Much love niece.
Name: Kendal Smith Fleming aka SnuppyPot
Comments: Thanks "cuz" for all the cuddles and kisses. You are definitely loved.
Name: Author  Pamela JP Martin
Comments: It is an honor and privilege to know such a wise and virtuous woman of God.  Your book will surly catapult the church to the next level in Christ. This book confirms God continues to speak directly to the spirit of his chosen people. Praise God for your obedience to his will.  May the Lord bless and prosper you beyond your thoughts and dreams. Gal.6:10
Name: Aunt Mae Mae
Comments: I'm proud of you. Be blessed in the Lord.
Name: Rhonda Fleming (Aunt Rhonda)
Comments: Little One...To God Be The Glory!!! "Visions are yet for an appointed time, though they tarry, wait for it; it will surely come and not lie." Thus saith the word of God. Your visions have arrived. Guard your visions, guard your anointing, be blessed in the Lord, Jan. Be Blessed and highly favored. God is with you...WALK INTO YOUR SEASON!!! Much Love and Prayers!
Name: Laura J. Jackson
Comments: Thank God for Sister Payne's impeccable timing of obedience to what God had put in her heart so many would be able to benefit from it. This is an awesome and timely needed word for we should all see ourselves as a servant and serve  and see ourselves as a son and worship! Be a blessing to yourself and others by getting the book and be a doer of what you read for faith without works is dead! Janice you are blessed for your faithfulness and obedience.
Name: Beverly Bradley-Topping
Comments: Precious Janice, You represent another generation of the blessings of God on our family. His presence has always been reflected in each generation. I take great pride and rest with confidence in knowing that you are one of those who have chosen and will continue to take a stand for the Name of Jesus Christ. May God's blessing continue to be upon you and your family as you move forward in ministry declaring His Word and promises. Congratulations on your pursuit of God, your publications and this awesome website. Woman of God keep pressing on!  Love and prayers, Cousin Beverly
Name: Nina Crump
Comments: Jan, girl I just wanted you to know I am almost half way through your book and wanted to take a break to tell you I am so so proud of you.  Your book has ministered to me and I can relate so much to this book and I want to thank you for being a servant to me and encouraging me to go forth in my ministry in a way I will never forget! We need more servants like you. I love you so much for being who you are in Christ because millions will be blessed by this book Servanthood! love you much Nina
Name: Elder Gerald Roberson
Comments: First, let me say congratulations on your labor of love in publishing "Servanthood." After receiving my copy on last evening, I purposed to read it completely today. I have to tell you that no other person have I observed while serving both in church and outside of the church, whom I can truly say has been more genuine to service. I've witness the humble acts and concern for others that spoke volumes untold. The weekends most particular Saturdays sacrificed as seeds to help sustain ministry. In reading the book, I can so relate to the revelations shared through your personal journey and walk with God, while partaking of the grace which births a true chosen servant. Thank you for being yourself! And allowing God to teach a very needed lesson to the "Body of Christ" if we are to bring Him glory, and reap the benefit of becoming yielded vessels to His voice and plan. Be abundantly bless and uplifted by the Spirit of God within!!!! Fellow Servant!
Name: Deacon M. Jackson
Comments: Dear Janice, I Praise God for your obedience for writing this book and bringing forth the unadulterated truth of His Word for His people for such a time as this. Hallelujah! My prayer is that all the billions of saints will get this book in their possessions read it be revived in their souls and get back on fire for God. If you are a real saint it's no way this book will not wake you from your sleep and slumber. We must all stop rebelling against the Word of God being hearers and not doers. We must become doers of the Word and not man. We must get in the Word develop a relationship with the Father in order to be instructed by Him. He will instruct each individual for He and He alone has a plan for our lives. I love you my sister and I feel your heartbeat. There is so so much to do thank you for the wake up call. It is Serious Time! and we must stay before the Lord in prayer like never before. For My House shall be called the house of prayer, saith the Lord.
I must say YES! I AM WILLING TO SERVE! The Jackson's
Name: Denise Malloy
Comments: Jan, Congratulation! I begin reading your book on Sunday night, after the book signing, and I am really enjoying it. I'm rejoicing  in your happiness and the victory God had achieved through your obedience.  I pray many souls be saved as they read this book of deliverance.  When we come to know the true meaning of servanthood the yoke of bondage no longer lives within.  Again, God's Glory is revealed. Sister-in-law
Name:  Elder Stanley Smith
Comments: Lady Payne,
Congratulations on your recent book. I pray it will be a blessing to many. Your site is beautiful. May signs and wonders follow your ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. Elder Stanley Smith
Name:  Elder Cliff Beckford
Comments: Janice, congratulations on the “birthing” of what I know to be a life-long dream.  Continue to do God’s will and reap the benefits of being dedicated and committed to finishing the race that has been set before you. God Bless. Elder Cliff M. Beckford
Name:  Dr. Mike Jones, Teaching Elder, Free Gospel Deliverance Temple Ministries
Comments: Dr. Payne; Congrats to YOU for an outstanding job in the publication of your first literary work of the spiritual nature. I'm convinced that God has brought your penmanship to the Kingdom of God for a time such as this. And not because I wrote the Forward to your Servanthood book, but it's a real pleasure to know that there's another Radical Christian out there besides Jesus and me ...smile! Go to the Body of Christ (and the world) and YOU get'em TIGER! Dr. J.
Name:  Edna Sherrill
Comments: Congratulations on a job well done!  You have been faithful over a few things now you are ruler over many!!!  May God continue to richly bless you.
Name: Miracle Howard
Comments: 'Relief' and 'Affirmation'! The first two words that came to mind after being blessed through your book 'Servanthood'. For that, I thank God and I thank Him for you. This book came at a time in my life where I most needed a word regarding servitude. I'm in a position where I assist a very prominent business woman, and let me tell you I was just beginning to feel that I was being stripped. Stripped of my sanity, dignity, worth and kindness. But then you reminded me that not only was Jesus stripped, but in fact he died, was buried, and had to be resurrected! So really, what do I expect!! Well Sis. Janice I certainly appreciate you confirming that as Jesus did, I too have to endure pain, and trials in order to build my humility and character for Christ. Yes your book did this for me! And I say it was affirmation/confirmation because this area of servanthood is something I've been taught 'literally' my entire life. Through God's help and with words from His people as you, I'm becoming at peace with serving and learning to welcome and appreciate it even more. Thanks again, Bro & Sis Jackson's daughter.
Name:  Kimberly and Jesse Smith
Comments: We are truly proud of you and thankful God is using a vessel that we know personally and know that she loves him with all her heart.  We have watched you transform year after year, so this is no surprise to us that this book was published.  Keep up the Good work and may God continue to use you.  Can't wait to see you on TBN.  Love ya.
Name:  Dr. Shiral Green-Smith
Comments: Janice, congratulations on your new publication, "Servanthood" I pray that the fruit of the spirit and the example of God's love, will always reflect through you, in Kingdom building to the glory of God. Your site is beautiful. Continue to soar to your Destiny.
Name: Doreen Vail
Comments: Janice, Your website reflects the ministry and beauty that God has given you. I am so proud of you and your diligence in doing what God told you to do. This is just the beginning! May God continue to prosper your way in HIM!
Name: Tia Polly
Comments: Janice I'm so proud of you and your great accomplishments! You are one of God's jewel and He has placed a ministry within you that everyone needs to take and apply that which He has given you concerning servanthood and utilize it on a daily basis. I always believed in you and saw God's hand on your life a long time ago. So, continue to let God use you and delivered the words that He has so gently placed in your heart and spirit. You will go far in your ministry and God will exalt you because of your humbleness and willingness to serve. Greatness rest upon you and your family! Love, Tia
Name: Altheria Jones
Comments: Congratulations Janice! Thank you for being obedient and answering God's call and for carrying out the task HE has given you to bring deliverance and blessings to His people.
Name: Cornelius Alexander
Comments: Thank you for your encouragement, knowledge, and the time you took to help me. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the poetic journey!
Name: Isaiah Long
Comments: Just wanted to congratulate you once again, we met at the end of your book signing, I attend your mothers church.  Just remember that God has His hands on your life and everything is working out for your good. The success of your book as well as the trials and tribulations its working for your good, So continue steadfastly and we speak the favor of God over your life. Take care
Name:  Laverne Harris
Comments: Janice, you came a long way baby. I am proud and honored to say I know you and still consider you to be my friend. I am so sorry I missed your book signing. I will definitely see you at one of your upcoming events.
Name:  Theresa Owens
Comments: Hello Blessed Lady; I am so proud that I can be considered as one of your friends. I wish you all the success that the Lord has in store for you. The book is excellent! Keep them coming. It will help me get on the right track to what I am supposed to be doing. I love you as a sister, friend and a travel buddy!
Name: Veronica G. Ferrell
Comments: Janice, Congratulations on your book release! I am so proud of you! Thank God that He has given you the boldness to step up and do what He has placed in your heart and spirit to do. Continue to be lead by the spirit and see God do wondrous things in your life!
Name: Shavone Harper
Comments: Hi Janice, First and foremost, I want to say "I love me some Janice" ever since I met you, you have blessed me. Your presence alone brings me joy and make me smile. I would like to say Congrats on the success of your new book and everything that God has in store for you. May everything that you touch, think, see, dream, and every pathway you walk down be blessed, In JESUS NAME AMEN. You have my billion % support, always!
Name: Lorane Daniels
Comments: The website is great! I really enjoyed the journey. I had to add it to my favorite so I can go back, view and read it again!
Name: Sister Clara Holmes
Comments: Sister Janice, Congratulations on the release of your new book "SERVANTHOOD!" May God continue to use and bless you in every area of your life. To God be all the Glory for the many things that He has done and for using you as a vessel to bring forth His message!
Name: Warlene Smith
Comments: Jan, you are such a beautiful young lady, blessed by God. I am proud of you and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Sister Smith (Nina's MOM). I Love You!
Name: Pastor Yusef L. Fletcher, Sr.
Comments: Praise the Lord! Your book servanthood is a blessing to the body of Christ. This is a must have book for all Pastors and leaders within the body of Christ to give to their members, co-workers, friends, family members, etc. the whole nine yards. I highly recommend Janice Payne book, she is a true women of God. We will be praying that God will continue to use you to be a blessing to the body of Christ!
Name: Kritrina R. Perry
Comments: Jan, God is good! I am praying for you and your ministry. I knew God spared your life for a reason.
To God Be All The Glory!
Name: Devin Ingram
Comments: Praise the Lord Sis. Janice. Congratulations on ALL your success in the release of "Servanthood" and your many books & materials to come. Your website is really nice and I just love the opening statement: "Souls are more precious to God than diamonds are to a women" Continue to walk in favor & faithfullness-God Bless!
Name: Sandra Carr
Comments: Janice, your book has blessed me in ways I could never imagine. You are an inspiration to the body of Christ. May God continue to bless you always!

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