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Author, Speaker, Teacher, Poet, and Songwriter

Janice Denise Payne is a highly anointed woman of God, an educator and a compassionate person who is dedicated to helping people spiritually and socially. She is active in various ministries for the edification of her church and community. Her two favorite scriptures are Isaiah 61:7 and John 3:16. But, she stands firmly on Psalms 37. Janice has experienced the miraculous, but more importantly, she understands the significance of an intimate relationship with God.

Janice is bold, honest and she believes in keeping it real! If you ever want to hear the truth, just ask her and she will break it down for you. Her favorite saying is,
“The truth will make you free!”

Janice, the author of "Servanthood," states, "In order for us to be used by God, we must first become a servant. Unfortunately, some of us have climbed the ladder to success and ignored the calling of servanthood. If we really want to be successful in life, we must be ready and willing to serve others and that does not only apply to those who we feel are greater. It also applies to the least of us. Our focus should primarily be on serving in the areas which need the attention, according to Jesus Christ. We should never seek this position for recognition, fame, fortune or to be put in the spotlight. This position is for those who desire to be like Jesus. He came here not to be served but to serve others!”

Her philosophy is, “The only time you should look down on a man/woman is when you are reaching down to pick them up!”

Janice has written 17 books (with 13 of them still in draft form), three songs and five poems, and is currently pursuing her doctorate’s degree in Biblical Counseling.

Janice and her husband, Eugene, Jr., have been married for 22 years and from this union they have three beautiful adult children: Lamont, Shant’e, and Eugene III; and three grandchildren. They love to minister, pray, and travel together.

To God Be The Glory!


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